Shipping and Delivery

The deliveries of the products are made within Greece, Cyprus and Europe (except United Kingdom) through the carrier cooperating with us. The consumer is not obliged to pay if he does not receive the legal document (receipt or invoice).

We cooperating with Daily Courier and ACS for shipping in Greece and DHL for Cyprus and Europe. We don’t deliver in United Kingdom.

Daily Courier

– Attica with zip code 19*- Delivery costs 6,20€ from 0-2kg. Above 2kg, extra kg is 0,70€.

– Rest of Attica – Delivery costs 4,96€ from 0-3kg. Above 3kg, extra kg is 0,70€.

– Rest of Greece – Delivery costs 6,20€ from 0-2kg. Above 2kg, extra kg is 0,70€.


ACS Courier

– Attica – Delivery costs 2,50€ from 0-2kg. Above 2kg, extra kg is 0,75€.

– Rest of Greece – Delivery costs 4,00€ from 0-2kg. Above 2kg, extra kg is 1,30€.

–  Cyprus – Delivery costs 8,80€ from 0-3kg. Above 3kg you can see the charges here.


DHL Courier

–  Cyprus and Europe – Delivery costs 19,50€ from 0-5kg. From 5-30kg extra kg is 0,90€. From 30-70kg extra kg is 1,60€. For 70+kg extra kg is 8,10€.


The delivery date of the product is specified in the order confirmation and in case no such date has been specified, the product is delivered within four to seven (4-7) days in Greece and within eight to twenty (8-20) days in Cyprus and Europe from the order confirmation. The delivery is made through the carrier cooperating with our company.

In the event that for reasons of force majeure, such as bad weather conditions, strikes, etc. it is not possible to deliver the product within the specified time, we will inform you by e-mail if you wish to complete the order and in the affirmative case we will set a new delivery date.

If the carrier is unable to deliver your order, he will leave you a note indicating the location of your order and how you can contact him or he can contact you.

In the event that the product is ready for delivery and has not been delivered for reasons beyond the control of our store, our store will consider that you withdraw from the order and wish to cancel it. In this case, we will refund you in full any amount you have paid to our company within 14 days of the expiry of the contract at the latest.

In case of loss of the order due to the carrier’s fault, you will be informed immediately by our store and, if you wish, we will replace and resend to you the same product you ordered, otherwise we will refund you any amount we received from you.

Upon delivery of the product ordered to you or to another person acting on your instructions to receive the product, responsibility for the product shall pass to you and you shall acquire ownership of the product when our business has received in full all amounts due in respect of the product including the price and delivery charges.