The website is an e-shop for the sale of clothing and accessories and belongs to the individual business of Ioannis Laskos with the distinctive title “LASKOS”. The activity of the company and the e-shop is purely commercial, located in Nea Smyrni, Attica, 239 Sygrou Avenue, has VAT number: 115570881, Tax Office: Kallithea, order phone number: 6940626050 and contact email:

Our e-shop offers to all our customers, as well as to all internet users, direct information about the products offered by our company, as well as the possibility to make their purchases online by buying either one of the products already available on our website, or by placing special orders. 

The use of the e-shop and the realization of purchases through it are defined and governed by the following terms and conditions. Before entering the online store and before using it and placing any order, you should read and take note of the GENERAL TERMS AND CONDITIONS OF TRADE.

 These terms have not been, nor are they negotiated with the user and therefore the user should carefully read these terms and if he/she does not agree with them in whole or in part, he/she must, in any case, not make use of the services and their contents.

The use of our online store means the unconditional acceptance of these terms by the user.

The present terms, as indicated below, may be unilaterally modified by our company at any time, without prior notification of the users.  We recommend that users check periodically and in any case before use to ascertain and take note of any changes to the current terms.

Any modification of the terms does not affect transactions and orders already in progress.

The use of the e-shop by minors as well as by persons who do not have legal capacity or awareness of what they are doing is prohibited.

Entering the online store is automatically a declaration that you are an adult, i.e. you have reached the age of 18 and have legal capacity and that you undertake not to allow the use of your data and your login codes by minors or persons lacking legal capacity, otherwise you as the user are liable.


Users of the e-shop website agree and undertake that they will not use our e-shop website to send, post, e-mail or generally transmit in any way any content that is illegal, harmful, threatening, abusive, defamatory, libelous, racist, obscene, libelous, discriminatory content regarding religion, gender, sexual orientation, nationality or origin, or constitutes a violation of another’s privacy. In addition, the users-individuals accept that the products they order and the general carrying out of transactions through the online store are intended for personal use and for legitimate purposes, and they are committed to use the website in accordance with the law, good and fair practices and these terms.


All the content of the website, which includes, but is not limited to, texts, graphics, images, pictures, photographs, drawings, files, logos, financial data, etc. is the intellectual property of the online store and our company in general and is protected by applicable national, European and international law.

The company retains all copyrights regarding the content and copies created on the basis of it.

The total or partial copying, distribution, transfer, transformation, processing, storage, reproduction, republication, modification and any related action on the above data, without the express prior written consent of our company. Otherwise, the above actions may constitute an infringement of the intellectual and industrial property rights of the company, which reserves the right to claim any positive and consequential damage caused to it in accordance with the provisions of applicable law.

 Users are not entitled to transmit internal information and confidential information obtained or disclosed as part of the business relations with our company or covered by confidentiality agreements, nor information that infringes any patent, trademark and secret, copyright or other proprietary rights of third parties. Finally, users are not allowed to invade and install software viruses or any other codes, files or programs designed to interrupt, damage, destroy or prevent the operation of any software or computer hardware, intentionally or unintentionally, because any such action violates the applicable Greek and Community legislation and its provisions.


    a. Registration and security codes:

 To facilitate your transactions, you will have the right and the possibility to register as a user on the website of our e-shop by opening an account when you first send an order request to our company or to make your purchases as a visitor with the only obligation to register and notify us of your mobile phone number and your e-mail address.

You will need to create a user profile optionally with security codes, i.e. User Login (username) and Secret Password (password ) or visit the website as a simple visitor.

You will therefore be able to securely access your personal transaction record with our online store, check the status of your orders and general transactions, inform us of any changes to your personal details and request changes to your personal data.

You will be able to change the aforementioned codes whenever you wish. We recommend that you change the codes regularly.  In case of loss or if they come to the knowledge of a third party, you must notify our company, otherwise our company will not be liable if your codes are used by a third party. In any case, our company reserves the right for any damage that may be suffered by a breach of the above obligations of the user-customer.

b.  Entry of personal data:

In order to carry out any transaction through our online store and to place orders for products, the disclosure of certain personal data will be requested on the part of the customer-user, i.e. you.  When placing an order, you will be asked for your full name, the shipping address of the products, the billing address of the order (in case it is different from the shipping address), the invoicing details (in case payment by invoice is selected), the number of a contact telephone, your e-mail address and in cases where payment is made by credit card, the number, the expiry date of the card and the three-digit security code. Along with this information, when creating a user account, the password to access these services is requested. The credit card details are not stored in our company’s storage media during the transaction, but are entered directly in the secure environment of the partner banking institution that has taken over the card routing.

We recommend that our customers provide our business with their personal information correctly, so that our business and our online store can communicate with you and deliver the products to the correct recipient-customer and to the correct address. In the event of a change of these personal details, you must contact our company in order to register the changes to your details.



 Orders placed through our online store constitute distance sales contracts, which are governed by the legislative framework of Law 2251/1994 on Consumer Protection, as in force, and other applicable Greek and EU legislation.

The costs of shipping products to the customer are borne exclusively by the customer and charged according to the weight and volume of the goods, the quantity of goods and the place of shipment with the carrier cooperating with us that our company has chosen. Our company has the discretionary and non-binding discretion to charge the shipping costs during a period of discounts or offers and as long as it makes such a decision.

You can place a valid order through the e-shop if you have legal capacity in accordance with the articles of the Greek Civil Code, (if you have reached the age of eighteen and you are not under legal representation for the conclusion of a sales contract).

Our company reserves the right to modify or renew the products offered, the sales prices and other terms and conditions of the transactions. Our company undertakes to update this document for any changes or additions.

The Independent Authority to which you can turn for out-of-court resolution of your dispute is the Consumer Advocate (144 Alexandras Avenue, 114 71, Athens, tel. 2106460862).


1. Order conditions:

In principle, we inform you that in order to conclude a sales contract between the user-customer and our e-shop for the products available, the acceptance of the customer’s order by our company is a prerequisite. In the event that the customer’s order is not accepted by our company, while money has already been deducted from the customer’s account, then it will be refunded in full.

For the realization of the order in our online store are required:

a) The completion of the special form (creation of an account with the customer’s data) with the necessary data for the conclusion of the sales contract.

The orders are placed after creating the account by filling in the registration form with all the personal data requested. If you are already a member, you can log in to your account by filling in your e-mail or the username and password you provided during registration, by logging in to the members area.

In any case, the e-mail you register must exist and belong to you, because all our communication will be done through the e-mail you registered during your registration.

b) Your unconditional acceptance of the terms of the sales contract and the terms of use, in particular those concerning the collection and where necessary the use of personal data.

2. Ordering procedure:

– You will be asked to login if you are already a registered member or to register a new membership.

– You will be asked to enter the information as to the shipping details of the order, as well as to select the payment method and delivery location. That is, you will need to enter your full name, the exact shipping address of the product, the name on the doorbell, your telephone number and e-mail address ( e-mail), as well as the name of any third party who, at your request, will receive the product.

– You will also be asked to enter a discount code if you have one, as well as if you wish to receive the company’s newsletter and add any comments you wish to your order.

The receipt of your order is done by transporting the product you ordered from the carrier cooperating with us and delivering it to you or pick up from our physical store by arrangement for the day and time of the customer’s arrival.

When the order is completed by you, you will receive an e-mail from us confirming the order and its acceptance by our company.

3. Product availability:

The products available for sale through this website are available in the Greek territory and in foreign countries. In case of an order for a temporarily unavailable product or stock exhaustion, we reserve the right to inform you of the impossibility of completing the sale either by telephone or e-mail and to recommend corresponding products for sale. If you do not wish to complete the sale and you have already paid the amount, we will refund you in full.

4. Rejection of the order:

Our company is not liable to the customer or any third party for the withdrawal of products from this website, for the removal of content of this website.  or for refusing to process or accept an order even if we have sent an “Order Confirmation”.

5. Payment methods:

For your convenience and service when you want to make a purchase from our online store, we offer the following payment methods:

      1. By credit card or debit card.
The card is charged on the day the process of dispatching the products begins, except for products which are manufactured according to the consumer’s specifications or are clearly personalized, for which the credit card is charged immediately after your order is confirmed.

Our online store has taken all necessary measures to ensure the security of your credit card transactions and all credit card holders are subject to validity checks. By selecting this payment method you will be transferred to a secure transaction environment of the partner bank that has undertaken the launching of the cards, namely ALPHA BANK, where you will be asked for all your card details. It is important to provide a contact telephone number and a valid e-mail address. In case your credit card is not approved by your bank, the company reserves the right to cancel your order and

      2. By transfer and deposit to a bank account at ALPHA BANK
Make your payment directly into our bank account. Please use your Order ID and your Full Name as the payment reference. Your order will not be shipped until the funds have cleared in our account. Our bank account is GR6001401550155002002012953, IOANNIS LASKOS and the bank is Alpha Bank. 

      3. Through the IRIS PAYMENT service.

6. Review and Payment:

 On our website you will find the procedures for revising the order in terms of the Shipping Details, the Billing Details and the Shipping Method. You can edit the Billing Details and Shipping Details.

7. Complete the order.

To complete the order, you will enter the details according to the payment method. In case of payment by Credit Card, you will go to the corresponding interface of the banking institution and in case of bank deposit you will be informed that your order has been completed. In the case of bank deposit your order will be in a waiting state and will be executed when we confirm that the amount has been deposited. To facilitate the process, please send us the copy of the deposit in which you should have indicated the order number and your full name, to the email address. If for any reason you are unable to send us the receipt, please send us an e-mail with the date of deposit, the bank of deposit, the deposit number, the order number, your full name and a contact telephone number to the above e-mail address, so that we can check and confirm these details and proceed with your order.

8.Order Confirmation/Update:

Through our website you can be informed by our store before completing your order about the identity and address of the supplier, the essential characteristics of the product, the price, the quantity, the transport costs, the payment method, the delivery date.

By sending the order form, you will receive an electronic copy of the order to the e-mail address (e-mail) that you have indicated when placing your order, which includes the detailed description of the goods in the order and a unique order code, with which you will be able to monitor the progress and development of your order.

9. Product price:

The price of each product is clearly identified on the website.  If an error is found in the price of any product you have ordered, we will inform you as soon as possible and give you the opportunity to reconfirm the order at the corrected correct price or cancel it. If we are unable to contact you, we will consider your order to have been cancelled and we will refund you in full any amount you have paid. The prices shown on our products include VAT at 24% or at whatever rate this may be set by the Ministry of Finance in the future, but not the shipping costs, in case you are charged for Shipping Costs.

{{How are the shipping costs for Greece, for EU countries,. and for third countries.}}

Possible changes in the pricing of products do not affect orders for which an Order Confirmation has already been sent.

΄{{The steps of typing for orders , payment, etc.}}

10. Dispatch of products:

The deliveries of the products are made within Greece, Cyprus and abroad through the carrier cooperating with us. The consumer is not obliged to pay if he does not receive the legal document (receipt or invoice).

11. Delivery of products:

The delivery date of the product is specified in the order confirmation and in case no such date has been specified, the product is delivered within seven (7) days in Greece and within eight to twenty (8-20) days in Cyprus and abroad from the order confirmation. The delivery is made through the carrier cooperating with our company.

In the event that for reasons of force majeure, such as bad weather conditions, strikes, etc. it is not possible to deliver the product within the specified time, we will inform you by e-mail if you wish to complete the order and in the affirmative case we will set a new delivery date.

If the carrier is unable to deliver your order, he will leave you a note indicating the location of your order and how you can contact him or he can contact you.

In the event that the product is ready for delivery and has not been delivered for reasons beyond the control of our store, our store will consider that you withdraw from the order and wish to cancel it. In this case, we will refund you in full any amount you have paid to our company within 14 days of the expiry of the contract at the latest.

In case of loss of the order due to the carrier’s fault, you will be informed immediately by our store and, if you wish, we will replace and resend to you the same product you ordered, otherwise we will refund you any amount we received from you.

Upon delivery of the product ordered to you or to another person acting on your instructions to receive the product, responsibility for the product shall pass to you and you shall acquire ownership of the product when our business has received in full all amounts due in respect of the product including the price and delivery charges. 

12. Returns Policy:

The terms and conditions described in this policy apply to all products purchased from our online store through our website.

You have the right to withdraw from the contract without cause within 14 days from the day you receive the product.

For the right of withdrawal you must inform our company by calling 6940626050 or by sending an e-mail to: before the expiry of the withdrawal period, i.e. before 14 days have elapsed from the day of receipt of the product.

The shipping costs for the return of the products are borne solely by the customer.

Returns are accepted only if the products you wish to return are in the same condition in which you received them and are accompanied by the retail receipt or invoice.

Returned products can only be collected from the address that you have indicated in writing for their dispatch from the outset and which you have indicated to us in writing.

Within 14 days of receipt of the returned goods from our store and provided that they are in their original condition, undamaged or undamaged, our company will refund you in full the amount of the value of the goods that you have paid for them using the same means of payment that you used for the original transaction (unless you have expressly agreed otherwise). In any case, the refund of the price of the returned products will be made after you have informed us in writing of your request to return the products, provided that the products have been delivered to our partner carrier.

A necessary condition for your withdrawal from the sale is that the product has not been used, that the markings and paper plates have not been removed, that they are not damaged or defective (stains, perfumes, etc.) and that they are in their packaging.

If the returned product has been damaged or damaged through your fault or has been reduced in value due to its handling, our company will assess the value of the damage and the amount of the reduction in value and in the event that our company is obliged to make a refund to you, the corresponding amount of the damage will be deducted from the total amount of the refund.

In addition to the rights granted under the returns policy, all rights applicable to consumers under applicable provisions and laws relating to the sales contract, and any rights arising in connection with the warranty terms of the products, are in any event recognised.

13. Returns and exchange policy for defective products:

The products available in our company are checked before delivery to the customer to exclude the possibility of having defects and are carefully packed to be delivered in perfect condition.

If you receive the product without expressing a specific reservation, it means that you have unconditionally received the product from our company.

However, we recommend that our customers check the product upon delivery, so that if any damage or defects are found, you can inform us by calling 6940626050 or e-mailing: in order to inform us within three (3) days of receipt: if you wish to replace the product or issue a credit invoice or withdraw from the sale by exercising your right to an interest-free refund, as stated above.

If you request a replacement, you must call our partner carrier to collect the product from you. Upon receipt by our business, we will deliver the new product you want, of equal value to the one being replaced. The cost of returning the product via the carrier is borne by our company.


The Consumer Code of Conduct for E-Commerce, as formulated by the Ministerial Decision of the Minister of Economy and Development in the Official Gazette of the Hellenic Republic {FEK 969/22-3-2017, Issue B), is published by our online store and you can read it in full by clicking here.


Our company may, at its sole discretion, immediately terminate any agreement with the client-customer of the e-shop under these terms at any time, informing him/her, cancelling his/her membership and access to his/her account.  Our company may even suspend the client’s use of its services without notice at any time, without any liability to the client.

These terms of use may be modified at any time by our company. The posting of the modifications on the website of our online store makes them valid, and the users-customers should inform themselves of the content of the modifications by visiting our website periodically and in any case before carrying out any transaction.

With these terms, the user-customer accepts that the unauthorized use, by him/her, of the Services of our website and our online store may lead to irreparable damage to our business. Accordingly, in the event of such unauthorized use, our company will have the right to seek, in addition to any other available remedies, immediate injunctive relief against the user, prohibiting any further use of the Services

The invalidity or unenforceability of any provision (in whole or in part) of these Terms will not affect the validity or enforceability of the remaining provisions (in whole or in part). All or part of any provision which is held by a court of competent jurisdiction to be invalid or unenforceable shall be deemed to be deleted from these terms.

Wherever the terms provide for a refund to the customer or a credit to the customer’s account, this is always understood as interest-free.

These terms apply to the user-customer personally. He will not be entitled to assign these terms, in whole or in part, to any third party without our prior written consent.

These Terms represent the entire agreement between the Client User and our business and supersede any and all prior terms, conditions, agreements and arrangements regarding the Client’s use of the Services. 

We will act promptly if there is evidence that any User Content violates these terms. If it comes to the customer’s attention or suspicion that any illegal activities are taking place, they should notify us by telephone or in writing to our email address.  

Any failure, by our business, to enforce any of these terms will not constitute a waiver of them or of the right to enforce any of these terms at a later stage.

Individuals or entities who are not parties to these terms will have no right to enforce any provision of these terms.

Regardless of the country from which the user-customer accesses our online store or uses the Services, these terms and conditions and his/her use of the Services of our website are governed by the laws of Greece. 

Any dispute concerning products or services between our online store and the user-customer may be resolved electronically by the Alternative Dispute Resolution procedure, as regulated in the KYA 70330/2015 with which Directive 2013/11/EC was harmonized in Greek legislation.

In addition, the Independent Authority “The Consumer Advocate” is the competent Dispute Resolution Body.

In any case for the resolution of any disputes that may arise under this Agreement, the courts of Athens shall have exclusive jurisdiction.

The user-customer declares that he/she has read these terms and conditions, which he/she accepts in their entirety and acknowledges that they cover and regulate all the services provided by our company and our online store during his/her use of the website either for information or for a transaction.