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Yannis laskos X Bacardi

Yannis Laskos learns how to make Bacardi Daiquiri and gives style tips for bar-hopping. The fashion designer creates a step-by-step Bacardi Daiquiri with a fashionable twist, celebrates Bacardi Rum Month and gives us fashion tips for this summer. Enjoy.

Yannis laskos X
HaDJIpaterion foundation KASP

A colourful T-shirt full of optimism by the designer Yannis Laskos and the students of Hadjipaterion. In a white fabric, collaboration and creativity came together to create a T-shirt, a favourite of its creators, with compositions of colours and shapes, with geometry and childishness together, and everything else that young and old see in it, that makes it special and unique!

Yannis laskos X open house athens

Paper Touch…Don’t Touch. Yannis Laskos is inspired by the wholesale shops of downtown Athens and creates an installation with the moulage technique for The Pinnacle Athens Hotel.

Yannis laskos X TEDx Ionian University

Yannis Laskos in a full discussion. The fashion world of then and now. How does styling affect the everyday life of both genders? How did he start and what are his influences? What is his path in the fashion industry? These and other questions are answered in this discussion, with comments that relate not only to fashion but also to society as it is shaped today.

Yannis laskos X MadWalk 2020

Dimmy And The Bad Heart for LASKOS. Yannis Laskos with the song For You, presents a catwalk at Madwalk 2020 with pieces selected from his Black Edition collection.

Yannis laskos X style me up

Yannis Laskos in 2020 he participates in a TV show, Style me Up, on Greek television as a member of the jury – fashion coach. Style Me Up is a TV show about fashion and make over of players who wish to change their style.

Yannis laskos X ερτ στουντιο 4

Fashion designer Yannis Laskos recalls stories from his career and his important collaborations. Which collaboration does he admit to sabotaging? Which Greek celebrities has he collaborated with?

Yannis laskos X Dimmy And The Bad Heart

White Lies – Dimmy And The Bad Heart. A song written for Yannis Laskos’ BACK TO BLANCHE vol. II fashion campaign. The designer supervised the direction and artistic direction of the video clip.

Yannis laskos X Elena Galifa

Yannis Laskos: before and after #FashionStories. A Fashion story with the talented designer Yannis Laskos as a guest. An interview from his start to the present day. Collaborations, experiences and memories.

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