Christmas Edition

Christmas, the favourite season of Yannis Laskos! The creator awaits this season with  eagerness every year so he can design – especially for you – the fashion house’s Christmas Card, with LAS girl as the protagonist, in different scenarios. The card is accompanied by limited edition products such as mugs, cookies, cosmetics and many more Christmas Gifts.
Show your love through LASKOS gifts.
Happy Holidays!

YL Christmas time

Christmas cards

LAS girl Candy Land
LAS girl’s big weakness for sweets is revealed through the new Christmas card of fashion house LASKOS. Cupcakes and ginger cookies decorate the portrait of the little fairy.
LAS girl Paper Doll
This is the year LAS girl has colour, limbs, clothes and her very first friend. It is named Mr. KOS and he is a pink teddy bear with tiny deer antlers on his head.
*The traditional card is accompanied by an animated card following the same concept.
LAS is coming to town
LAS girl flies over the city.
LAS girl decorates the Christmas tree
The little fairy sneaks in late at night into every house and decorates the Christmas trees and the wardrobes with shine. The finale has LAS girl landing on LASKOS gifts.
* This is the first year an animated version of the card is created.
LAS girl portrait
Emphasis is placed on LAS girl’s face.
LAS girl Christmas Fairy
The little fashion fairy resides in every woman’s closet, she shows up during the holiday season and she shares shine and style. On the fashion house’s first ever Christmas card Yannis Laskos is inspired by a specific figure, one that he already uses to create his collections. An elegant, tall and slim figure, without limbs and an a la garçon haircut. He adds deer antlers and a maxi white gown on her.
LAS girl is created and she will be the star in all of the LASKOS atelier Christmas cards.

Animated christmas cards




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