Yannis laskos X Hadjipaterion Foundation Kasp

A colorful T-shirt full of optimism by the designer Yannis Laskos
and the students of Hadjipaterion Foundation.

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In a white fabric, collaboration and creativity met and created a lovely T-shirt, a favorite of its creators, with compositions of colors and shapes, with geometry and childishness together, and everything else that young and old see in it, that makes it special and unique!
To begin with, fashion designer Yannis Laskos “entrusted” Hajipaterio Foundation with the design of his new collection, “Back to blanche” Vol. III.
Then, the Social Service and the Pedagogical Departments of Hadjipaterio brought the design into the hands of the children!
On a blank canvas, the students of Hadjipaterio, with their spontaneity, took up their brushes and painted the world’s colors as they pleased! Multicolour is in our hearts and from this, two new drawings by the creator were created with the brushes of the young students.
This project aims to add colour to our summer outings, for a good cause! The profits from the sale of the T-shirts will be donated to the students’ program at the Hadjipaterio KASP.

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